"Better Meeting Your Clients' Needs, Through Kangaroo Care"

Do your clients come to you with concerns about...

  • their baby crying?
  • issues with feeding their baby?
  • wanting to keep their baby from getting sick?
  • infant digestive issues?
  • bonding with their infant?
  • being a good parent?

Are you interested in knowledge you can offer to your clients to support them with these common caregiver concerns? 

If so, please join Joanna McNeilly, President and Founder of the Center for Babywearing Studies for 

"Better Meeting Your Clients' Needs, Through Kangaroo Care"

Who is this course for? Babywearing educators, birth professionals, lactation professionals, anyone working with the caregivers of newborns, and YOU!

What will this course contain?  A 4 part Web Based Education series, including a Web Chat to ask questions.

When does this course take place? 

  • November 30, 2015-December 2, 2015 via Video Seminar to be viewed at your convenience.
  • December 3 at 9PM EST via Live Chat to review your questions following the completion of the course!

Where will this course take place? From the comfort of your home, or wherever you have internet access!

Why would I take this course? To expand your knowledge and language surrounding Kangaroo Care, allowing you to better support and connect with your clients in the early stages of caring for their new baby!

How do I join in?  Sign up on this page! This course is priced at $197, or pay in 3 installments!