Strengthening Families through Attachment Theory and Kangaroo Care

Come join Joanna McNeilly of Center for Babywearing Studies and Henrik Norholt of Ergobaby, Inc. on , August 10th, 2015 from 10 am to 5 pm  for an interactive exploration of attachment theory, why it matters and how Kangaroo Care can facilitate a secure attachment and make the families you work with happier and healthier.   Join us for a full day of working and exploring through mini lectures, open discussions, and thought provoking content.  We will cover the history of the psychological paradigms for parenting in the past century that continue to influence current caregiving ideals.  We will also review the evolution of modern child developmental psychology, leading to the most recent scientific advances in child psychology, drawing from the fields of mammalian and primate research, attachment theory, infant sleep organization, neuropsychology and studies into the effects of parent-infant physical contact.  There will be a strong focus on participant involvement, with many brief exercises and small-group discussions to optimize participant understanding and practice application of the research presented.